This is the correct time to change the headlight bulbs of your vehicle

If you are planning to replace the bulbs on the headlight of your vehicle and looking for an alternate which should last long with brighter light emission then you have landed to the right post. Here we will discuss in detail about revolutionary Xenon Headlight Bulbs which are highly durable as compared to the traditional headlight bulbs.

These HID bulbs involve a unique way to emit the light as they do not contain a metal filament. To produce light it involves xenon gas (Noble gases, held within a sealed glass tube), metal halide and two electrodes for generating high voltage spark. When the arcs inside the bulbs are electrified, it will discharge the electron to the gas chamber, which is charged with opposite factor for example: – A negative charged electron is discharged towards the positive charged gas atoms. This electron transition inside the entire gas chamber produces the light. Thus, more light will be emitted with single electron discharge from the arc to the floating gases inside the lamp.

Benefits of Xenon Bulbs


Extra brightness – Extra security

HID bulbs emit much brighter and clear light than any other standard bulb. It is a proven fact that these bulbs emit 3 times more light as compared to an ordinary light bulb. These bulbs also illuminate reflective paint such as lane marks and road sign while driving so the driver gets more visibility and able to react more quickly. This reduces the probability of accidents in dark.

Longer Life span

The Life span of HID bulbs is more as compared to ordinary bulbs.  These bulbs can last for around three to five years without any internal fault. HID bulbs do not contain any filaments that can burn and damage over time as seen in halogen bulbs. Also, these bulbs are more resistant to shock and vibration. Xenon bulbs consume 26% less power than an ordinary bulb. In some cases, the xenon light bulbs may last for the lifetime if used carefully.

Easy to Install

HID bulbs are easy to install and fits directly into the connector. The process is so simple can be implemented without any expertise to save some bucks from your pocket. There are no special tools required; you just need to follow the instruction mentioned on the user guide that comes with the bulbs package.

So next time whenever you are struggling with the type of bulb to be used on your vehicle headlights, it is recommended to use Xenon bulbs to save your precious time and money.