Why choose Led Bulbs over traditional light emitting devices

LEDs come from the family of energy efficient devices. Traditional light bulbs have been replaced by LED systems; reasons are obvious, LED lights save money by saving energy. LED bulbs last more than twice compared to traditional light bulbs. LED lighting systems are in demand and they are rapidly becoming the essential part of our residences too. The energy efficiency and cost effectiveness of LED lighting systems have made them popular worldwide. According to industry experts, operational life of a LED bulb is 100,000 hours, isn’t that amazing? As there have been some great developments in technology, it is predicted that soon we will see more powerful and affordable LED lighting systems.

Led Light Bulbs

About- LED Lighting System

An LED lighting system consists a light source, ballast (often called driver) and a luminaire (the surrounding materials to control emitting light). Quality of diode technology and lumen capacity has been improved dramatically in recent years which made them the most preferred choice and powerful replacement of ordinary car lights. Although LED bulb diode use DC current but their internal circuit enables them to be operated from AC voltage. LEDs are inclusive of heat managing elements because they get damaged at higher temperature. A single LED is relatively low power device compared to other light sources but array of LEDs can deliver as much light as a 30 Watt incandescent lamp would. Average operational life of an incandescent lamp is 5000 hours which is just a smaller fraction of LED lamp’s operational life.

An LED circuit, if designed properly, provides 80% efficiency which means only 20% electrical energy is lost as heat energy. In the case of incandescent lamps, only 20% electrical energy is converted to light, remaining 80% energy is lost as heat. So to save money on your electricity bills, switching over to LED light bulbs is a wise decision.